Sellling Tips

5 Most Important Points When Selling Your Home

  1. Choose the right agent – the best agent is one who listens to your situation and then designs a selling strategy taking into account all the options available. You must be comfortable with the agent you choose.
  2. Set the Price Right – If you are serious about selling, you must establish the present market value – don’t let emotion take you away from the logic of the marketplace.
  3. Identify the buyers – Knowing and understanding your target market will assist in getting more buyers through the door.
  4. Select the right marketing – There are two reasons why homes don’t sell – Price and No-one knows about them – you must establish a marketing plan and launch your property into the marketplace to achieve the best result.
  5. There are two things that sell homes Buyer Emotion and Buyer Competition
  6. Demand the right service.
“We refuse to mis market your home and apologise for it later”