Maintenance Request


Repairs, Maintenance & Emergencies

Letting us know that something is not quite right and needs attention as soon as practical helps you and the landlord avoid costly repairs. All general repairs and maintenance requests must be made in writing to our office by logging into your tenant access portal supplied to you at signing up of your tenancy agreement.
If it’s an emergency, then contact the office straight away 07 4669 1790 or 000 if the incident is causing damage to the property or to yourself. If it happens out of hours as a tenant, you have the ability to arrange emergency repairs yourself (after business hours).
After hours repairs please contact –
Plumbing – Laser Plumbing – Tim (07) 4668 9002
Electrical – South West Electrical – Will – 0428 520 803 or Alan – 0407 731 996
Locksmiths/alarms – Chinchilla Locksmith – Joel – 0423 194 574
The Residential Tenancy Act states an urgent repair as an essential service that ceases to function. e.g. If the water, sewerage, grey water and sullage or electricity supplies, or the heating, cooking stove or hot water service ceases to function or there is damage to the property which makes it unsafe/unsecure or may cause injury.
Please note – if the issue is not be deemed an emergency, you will be responsible for the account.