Why Auction?

Auction as a selling method is becoming increasingly popular in Queensland, and there’s good reason – it works!!  Watch the video below to learn more about the success of Auctions.

There Are Compelling Reasons For Choosing Auction As Your Selling Method, Outlined Below;
Achieving the best possible price in accordance with market conditions.
Removing price creates a competitive environment whereby interested parties have to compete with other buyers to secure the property. It is not unusual for a property to sell at Auction well above the reserve.
Securing A Result In A Shorter Timeframe
Therefore days on market are less. The Auction campaign is short and intense, creating a deadline for buyers; therefore ensuring a result one way or the other within a period of 4-5 weeks.
The increased exposure your property receives in the intense marketing campaign, ensures as many prospective buyers as possible are aware of your property.
Unconditional Sale
When you sell at Auction, the sale is immediately unconditional; the buyer cannot pull out of the contract – this gives the Seller greater ‘peace of mind’.
 If a property does not sell under the hammer, our statistics demonstrate that the majority of Auction properties will sell within a very short time after, as the Auction process has assisted the Vendor in selecting the most attractive price to the market.