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MILES & District

Originally named Dogwood Crossing in 1844 by explorer Ludwig Leichhardt after the prolific Dogwood shrubs in the area, Miles was given its present name with the coming of the railway in 1878 in honour of William Miles, Minister for the Railways at that time.  The township, which sprang out of delays in construction of the railway over the Dogwood Creek, started out as a teamster’s camp and the wide streets of Miles are a legacy of the time when bullock wagons turned here.

Present day, Miles is a vibrant rural township with an active arts and cultural community; an ideal stopping place for travellers to explore a region rich in history and natural attractions.  Miles is home to one of the finest historical museums in Australia where the history of Miles comes to life in a remarkable streetscape of authentic buildings from the pioneering era.  The history of the district is also celebrated in the Dogwood Crossing centre, the cultural hub of our community.  An architecturally stunning building with 7m tall stylised bottle trees forming a colonnade down its centre, Dogwood Crossing provides a comprehensive display of the town’s social history and gives rise to a wealth of local and visiting displays that are a credit to the Miles community.  Miles offers one state high school, one state primary school, two Kindergartens  and one childcare facility.

Every second year Miles plays host to a month-long festival in Spring that celebrates and showcases the town and surrounding communities. The Beef, Bells & Bottle Tree Festival coincides with the anniversary of the MilesHistoricalVillage and the beginning of the wildflower season, attracting many visitors to the town – a perfect time to visit, experience our living history, and absorb our country hospitality.


Once a primarily agricultural and cropping region, Miles and District is fast becoming known for the mining and clean energy resources which exist alongside its farming industries.  Global investment and major projects are pushing growth in the region, driving the balancing act between agriculture and industry, and presenting boundless opportunities for investors.


With a population of 2800, Miles and its surrounding communities are in the heart of what is known as the “SuratBasin”, a burgeoning energy province rich in coal deposits and coal-seam gas.  The abundant natural resources found here have prompted the birth of major investment projects including the QGC and Origin Energy gas fields, Condamine Power Station, Wandoan Coal Project, and Surat Basin Rail Joint Venture to name a few.

The community investment and employment opportunities arising from these projects promise to see the continued development of Miles and District well into the future.  Rail links to port facilities at Brisbane and Gladstone are increasing the industrial potential of the region, further diversifying the area’s economy from its staple of agriculture and grazing.